My Services

Board Pins (a) - Image Credit Free Range Stock - fcad01I provide a range of integrated and bespoke services focused around four key areas.

  1. Helping you to clear your blocks and barriers around money and success
  2. Growing your business or social enterprise
  3. Staying focused and on track with your goals
  4. Identifying and reporting on the impact and difference your organisation makes

These services are delivered via:

  • Mentoring programmes
  • Events
  • Workshops & Speaking
  • Retreats
  • Consultancy and business support

My approach:

I have a unique approach to the way I deliver support as I believe to truly achieve the business growth and success you desire, you must first look at and explore your personal blocks and beliefs. These beliefs run subconsciously and are the programmes by which you operate on a daily basis. Unless you change these programmes, you will struggle to achieve what you desire in your business.

As a Chartered Accountant, I bring technical knowledge and expertise around finances, business planning and strategy, as well as a down to earth, easy to understand and approachable way of working.

I am professional, honest, passionate, direct and questioning whilst also being supportive. I believe in values based businesses and organisations that value their people, staff development, balance financial and social gains, and also respect the community they work in and the environment. I only work with clients who share the same values and ethos as me, and who are prepared to do the work necessary to achieve the change they desire.