Our Services

Board Pins (a) - Image Credit Free Range Stock - fcad01Improving social impact is at the core of everything we do at Make An Impact CIC, and this is achieved through:

  • Consultancy
  • Mentoring
  • Workshops & Speaking

Together, we will:

  • Develop social value strategies and procurement frameworks to maximise your social impact
  • Remove the confusion around social impact measurement, reporting and management, as well as producing social impact and SROI reports
  • Develop products, services and sustainable sources of income to grow your organisation
  • Clear your blocks and barriers around money, success and the achievement of your goals

A Slightly Different Approach…

OK, OK, we know what you’re thinking…EVERYONE says this, but let us reassure you, when we say it, we do so because it’s true.

When you work with us you will make great improvements to your business, but that doesn’t come by changing a few systems and hoping for the best. No. It comes from combating the personal blocks and beliefs that are holding you, your team and ultimately your Social Enterprise back and then adapting the right mindset needed to make the change and keep the change alive.

Once we identify, tackle and combat this, we remove all confusion and simplify the process, creating more of that incredible impact your organisation has.

And it’s THAT which separates us from the rest.

As a Chartered Accountants, (No, stay with us here!) we bring technical knowledge and expertise around social impact measurement, management and reporting; finances; business planning and strategy; as well as a down to earth, easy to understand and approachable way of working.

We are professional, honest, passionate, direct and questioning whilst also being supportive. we believe in values-based businesses and organisations that value their people, staff development, balance financial and social gains, and also respect the community they work in and the environment. Make An Impact only works with clients who share the same values and ethos as us.