Social Enterprises are making an impact

Social Enterprise is worth over £60 billion in the United Kingdom… but its impact is worth far, far more.
Make An Impact helps you do this and showcase it to the world.

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  • Heidi is an accountant by trade and an entrepreneur by nature. But she goes one step further by teaching us all to unblock any resistance to prosperity and move towards inner and outer wealth. She is an insightful trainer who encourages women to have a positive joyous relationship with money and wealth. – December 2014

  • Not long ago I was stuck in my finances. Almost all my income was given over to supporting my family in my home country believing that I had to sacrifice myself for my parents, and struggle to receive anything good in my life. Heidi’s Theta healing worked wonders on me and transformed my entire situation. – January 2016

  • I recently attended one of Heidi’s training sessions. As a lifelong learner it never ceases to amaze me that we can never stop learning. Pursuing your purpose and making an impact are vital to all individuals. Thank you so much Heidi for being true to yourself and following your purpose so others can benefit too. – February 2016

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