Health & Social Care

Hospital Interior BlurredHealth and Social Care is one of the most vital cogs in the Social Enterprise machine, contributing billions to the economy, as well as priceless amounts in social value.

If your funding is coming to an end, or you want to get recommissioned when your current contract ends, (or maybe you want to look at how you can continually improve your impact).

Make An Impact CIC can help you through the following services:

  • Creating impact reports to provide evidence of what you have contributed in social value and the difference your services have made, as well as what you have delivered over and above the bare minimum of the contract/funding, and your economic, environmental and wider community impacts
  • Calculation of potential savings to health services and statutory agencies from your preventative programmes/services
  • Predictive SROI calculations to establish the likely social value you will generate from future contracts/funding
  • Establishment of systems to make data collection easy going forward
  • Training of staff in impact measurement and reporting
  • Continually improve your support and services – increase the impact your services have and identify areas where you’re not performing so well so you can make changes

If you belong to a Health & Social Care organisation and you’d like to know more about how we can help you measure your impact, book a complimentary impact call with us now.

Make An Impact provides a range of integrated and bespoke services focused around:

Removing the confusion around social impact measurement, reporting and management, as well as producing social impact and SROI reports
Developing impact led strategies to maximise your social impact
Developing products, services and sustainable sources of income to grow your organisation
Providing support and accountability to help you start, grow or scale your social enterprise

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