Specialist Services

Board Pins (a) - Image Credit Free Range Stock - fcad01At Make An Impact CIC we have developed expertise in working with certain types of social enterprises. It’s our specialist knowledge that sets us apart from others.

If you are a:

  • Health and Social Care organisation
  • Housing Association or RSL (Registered Social Landlord)
  • Employment, education and training organisation
  • Trading Co-operative
  • University

You’ll be pleased to know we’ve developed specific services to meet your needs around social value strategies, impact measurement / reporting, and workshops. We have extensive experience in working with organisations just like yours – so we totally get what problems you’re facing, we understand how things need to be done, we know what works and we can hit the ground running.

We’re here to help you increase your social impact, and together, we will:

  • Develop social value strategies and procurement frameworks to maximise your social impact
  • Remove the confusion around social impact measurement, reporting and management, as well as producing social impact and SROI reports
  • Develop products, services and sustainable sources of income to grow your organisation
  • Provide training for staff around social value and data collection – sharing what we know so you build capacity within your own organisation
  • Deliver social enterprise workshops to your students and individuals looking to set up businesses – so they can see if a social enterprise is the right fit for them

A slightly different approach…

We’ve been working with organisations like yours for over 15 years, and we don’t use jargon. We’re all about straight talking, removing the confusion and simplifying processes, so you can focus on creating more of that incredible impact your organisation has.

And it’s THAT which separates us from the rest!