Testimonial: School for Social Entrepreneurs Midlands

Testimonial -Charles, School for Social Entrepreneurs MidlandsWe regularly canvass the views of our clients regarding the services that they receive, including client support and after-care.

We strive to provide a first class service providing a tailored and bespoke approach for our clients.

Here are the testimonials from the School for Social Entrepreneurs Midlands.
Published: June 2021

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What was said ..

One of the most knowledgeable and generous Social Entrepreneurs I know. An expert in all things Social Enterprise (read her book) but especially skilled in helping Social Enterprise (and any other organisation) measure and improve their Social Impact (applies to CSR too). A regular and very popular contributor to our Learning programmes.

Charles Rapson, Director, School for Social Entrepreneurs Midlands

Testimonial - Pricing workshop feedbackFeedback on Pricing Workshop for School for Social Entrepreneurs Midlands:

“I found today’s session amazing and felt uplifted and no longer confused on the actions that I need to take for the business to move forward.”

“I was already aware of the principles but was good to see them explained again in a simple and engaging way. The two exercises were also useful.”

“Helping to bring together my thoughts on pricing, developing an understanding of the need to add value to our prices.”

“It was helpful for clarifying how to price and what things to consider when pricing.”

“Very clear, simple and informative. Focus on story was particularly useful.”

“Very knowledgeable. Great content. I’ll be looking at my pricing structure, creating a dream client list and looking at how I promote myself.”