Social value, SROI & CSR reporting

Blurred rail-guard - Image Credit Free Range Stock - SplitshireSocial value looks at the social, economic and environmental impacts an organisation or business creates. This includes the social, economic, environmental and regeneration outcomes you achieve and the difference you make in the world.

The services provided include:

  • Development of your data collection systems so you can report on your impact and social value
  • Identification of the financial proxies for Social Return on Investment calculations
  • Preparation of Social Return on Investment (SROI) reports and/or Social Impact Reports
  • Training and support for staff to implement social impact reporting

Key Benefits:

  • Staff are more motivated as they can be involved in community projects, initiatives and see that the business thinks about more than the share price or profits
  • Greater brand awareness with customers and the local community
  • Proof of your social, environmental and economic credentials
  • Ability to effectively tender for public sector service contracts
  • Showing you are ethical or socially orientated in how you operate

I provide a range of integrated and bespoke services focused around:

Growing your business or social enterprise
Staying focused and on track with your goals
Identifying and reporting on the impact and difference your organisation makes

Social Value Testimonials:

Stepping Out said:

We have worked with Heidi for four years now. Heidi provides social impact measurement and SROI analyses and reports for our clients. The benefits to our clients of having social impact data is that they can evidence the social difference their services make, are able to communicate with stakeholders about more than just value for money, identify where they can improve their services further and use the data and information to demonstrate to commissioners their services’ added value, which in turn helps secure new contracts, win tenders and attract investment.

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