Public Speaking

Events & Training - Image Credit Free Range Stock - Suchart SriwichaiMake An Impact CIC founder, Heidi Fisher, regularly speaks at a variety of events. The main topic areas presented on are:

  • Social enterprise is the future

The future of business is social enterprise and all businesses need to consider how they can deliver more than just financial profit.

  • Value based pricing

Moving from pricing based on cost plus to identifying the real value your product or service provides, and having the confidence to implement those prices.

  • Achieving equality through social enterprise

Women are more likely to set up and run social enterprises than men. This talk explains why this is and why it matters.

  • Social impact and investment

Why social impact measurement is important, and how social investment provides opportunities to mainstream investment in social enterprises and charities.

Heidi and other associates are also available to talk on other finance topics and impact measurement & reporting.

Make An Impact provides a range of integrated and bespoke services focused around:

Developing social value strategies and procurement frameworks to maximise your social impact
Removing the confusion around social impact measurement, reporting and management
Developing sustainable sources of income to grow your organisation
Clearing your blocks and barriers around money, success and the achievement of your goals