Social MegaMinds

Social MegaMinds

If you’re a Social Entrepreneur, you know success requires three things:

  1. An unwavering commitment to your triple bottom line
  2. Never ending learning
  3. The belief that who you hang around with matters

You also know that real impact requires people to support it.

Social MegaMinds is a Mastermind group for determined Social Entrepreneurs intent on growing their Social Enterprise or CIC through harnessing the power of listening to and learning from other Social Entrepreneurs.

It’s a place where accountability, action and achievement go hand in hand.

Deliberately intimate to ensure maximum dedication to each business, the group consists of up to 12 people meeting virtually for 1 hour every two weeks.

Guided and led by award-winning Social Entrepreneur and Social Impact Specialist, Heidi Fisher MBE, the meetings will focus on each Social Enterprises goals, and through the collective wisdom and experience of the group, actively help everyone achieve these month by month.

You will focus on and discuss at least one topic of interest during the sessions based on your needs and those of the rest of the group.

Through Heidi, you will get in-depth support on common issues through the sessions, and members are encouraged to support and collaborate with each other on their own terms.

To be involved in Social MegaMinds, you must:

Have an existing Social Enterprise
Be able to commit to attending two virtual meetings each month for a minimum of three months
Want to share your goals and be held accountable for achieving these
Be willing to contribute issues and advice to the discussions

What do people say about Social MegaMinds:

“Being able to spend time focused on my social enterprise rather than working in it has been so valuable. I’ve developed two new service ideas.”

“I can’t thank Heidi enough for her help and support. It has been a game changer for me. I’ve now got a plan for how I can achieve my goals.”

“Heidi is a font of wisdom about social enterprise and she helps to make things simple by breaking them down in to steps.”

“I’ve been able to develop an actionable marketing plan and I’ve already had four enquiries after just two of the MegaMinds’ sessions.”

The Cost:

A small investment of £79 per month (we hope you’ll stay for a minimum of three months to provide consistency within the MegaMinds Group but you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time).

If you’ve resonated with all of the above, you now have a choice. You can:

  1. Click off this page and carry on as you are
  2. Click here to pay via PayPal

Let’s make impact.

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