New Publication : Impact First

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Publication : Impact First – coming soon!

Heidi’s second book will be published soon!
Impact First: the social entrepreneur’s guide to measuring, managing and growing your impact.

You can pre-order a limited edition hardback version of the book for £14.99 (including postage). You’ll get your copy first as these will be available prior to the paperback version.

Plus there are only 88 hardback books being printed and once they’re gone there won’t be anymore! Pay and secure your pre-order now via

Or you can be notified when the paperback version is released by submitting your name and email address here:

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The book provides you with the know-how to measure, manage and communicate your impact, so that you can grow your social enterprise. Heidi walks you through the five stage lean social impact approach she uses with clients:

  1. Define
  2. Plan
  3. Measure
  4. Analyse
  5. Learn

This approach keeps impact measurement and management simple, avoiding the complexity and confusion. You’ll know what to measure, how to measure it and what to do with the data you collect to continually improve your organisation.