New Publication : Impact First

New publication - Impact FirstHeidi’s second book is out now!
Impact First: the social entrepreneur’s guide to measuring, managing and growing your impact

At long last, an easy-to-follow, yet highly effective impact measurement and management approach for social entrepreneurs who are serious about making change and want to prove it.

Out with the complexity and in with simplicity, in Impact First, Heidi walks you through her five-stage lean social impact approach with total clarity, showing as she goes, how it has helped over 650 social enterprises accurately measure their impact, and positively grow as a result.

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Follow Heidi’s advice, and by the end you will know what to measure, how to measure it, and what to do with the data you have collected, which, combined is the winning recipe for success with your social enterprise or purpose led business.

Thinking you’re making impact is one thing, but knowing you’re making impact and communicating it effectively, is the holy grail of social entrepreneurship, and is where the true change is made.

The book provides you with the know-how to measure, manage and communicate your impact, so that you can grow your social enterprise. Heidi walks you through the five stage lean social impact approach she uses with clients:

Define Plan Measure Analyse Learn

What people have said about Impact First:

“My book arrived on Friday and I highly recommend it. I especially love the way Heidi shares how to grow a social enterprise through business planning for impact. And she makes it easy to follow with clear steps and resources and (if you want this loads of references to research stuff). A must buy for all social entrepreneurs.”

“Massive thank you to Heidi for this incredible book, it’s such an amazing resource and written in such a simple and accessible way. I love it. Our work at First Person Project C.I.C. is already impactful, but we are serious about making long lasting change. Well, now we can prove it thanks to the lessons within this book.”