Planting trees with a new Green Wallet partnership

Green World Trees Concept

It’s easy to point the finger at mammoth online marketplaces we think are having a bad impact on the world. But there have been few alternatives with the ease of use both consumers and businesses expect.

So I was thrilled when I discovered a brilliant tech platform featuring ethical products from conscious merchants. And I’m so impressed with how it works and its values that Make an Impact is partnering with it to help our community find and sell sustainable products – and plant trees at the same time.

Green Wallet is a tech platform whose team of tech enthusiasts use cutting edge tools for the greater good and a greener future. Its Green Wallet app is already in use UK-Europe wide and it’s simple and easy for social entrepreneurs to access conscious customers through the app.

It will give many of the Make an Impact community access to a wider audience of potential customers. On top of this, Green Wallet also offers a payment processing solution. I know many readers need to process online payments and Green Wallet’s solution will help you save money on payment processing transaction costs.

Green Wallet also plants a tree every time they process a payment or a sale is made in their marketplace, and will plant ten trees as soon as any of my readers signs up using the special Make an Impact Partner Referral code. Plus, with so many of our social enterprise community seeking ethical banking, we’re excited Green Wallet will be launching their own ethical banking offer later this year.

So I’m thrilled to endorse Green Wallet and have discovered some wonderful ethical products from conscious merchants I’d never otherwise have known about. Simply by working with Green Wallet, Make an Impact can enable hundreds of trees to be planted every year – what a fantastic way of harnessing technology for good.

Our partnership kicks off today, 12 May. For more information visit Use the code IMPACT to enable 10 trees to be planted on registration and a halved commission fee for the first 6 months if you sell in the Green Wallet marketplace.