5 Top tips to grow your social enterprise in the fastest and easiest way possible

It's Not Rocket Science

Your social enterprise has stopped growing. Now let’s be honest here. There could be a million external reasons for this – the pandemic, the economy isn’t doing well, people don’t have any money to spend, customers aren’t buying at the moment, no-one wants what you are selling, there’s more competition from cheaper alternatives, your business is running at maximum capacity etc. I could go on with this list, but one thing is clear – you have bought in to a reason for your social enterprise not growing.

The problem with this, and it is a problem, is that none of these reasons are real. Yes, there may be truth to these external factors but how does that explain why some social enterprises are continuing to grow anyway? It can’t be down to luck, and it isn’t – it’s a result of your personal beliefs about your social enterprise, how successful it can be and how much money you are comfortable earning, as well as your daily actions.

These put a limit on the size your social enterprise can grow to.

Whatever the external problem with your social enterprise, it is most definitely a consequence of your beliefs or your inconsistent daily actions. Most social entrepreneurs want a quick fix solution to their stalled growth, and that can be done but if you want to grow your social enterprise then my top tips are to consistently do these things:

Beliefs matter – decide today that you’re changing your beliefs about what is possible. Don’t fanny around saying you can’t change your beliefs – because you can. Decide what you believe is no longer true and what your new reality looks like.

Morning Routine – I know a lot of people harp on about morning routines but that’s because they work. Developing a morning routine is the thing that has had the single biggest impact on how much I get done and what I achieve.  And it doesn’t involve getting up at 5am unless that’s what you want to. Own your morning – do the things that move your social enterprise forward first, rather than jumping straight on to social media or responding to emails.

Build your network – this is so important. The amount of people who refer to me because they know me (and hopefully like me) makes a huge difference to how easily things happen. If you’re sat there hiding away and not connecting with others how will anyone know how great you are or what you’re doing?

Follow up – this doesn’t mean stalk people!  Just make sure you follow up any enquiries, and if you’re ghosted send another follow up. Everyone is busy – being ignored isn’t necessarily a sign of a lack of interest, it means other things are more important right now. If you don’t check the answer will always be No!

Only do what you are good at – sounds obvious but there are a lot of people who think they are good at everything (stop deceiving yourself). Do what you’re good at – and also do what you enjoy – because it will be very evident from the results where your strengths are.

5 top tips – not rocket science.