How to communicate & embed impact and be impact led – with Heidi Fisher

Interview - Heidi Fisher - Impact Diaries podcast

Three themes are common to every stage of the LEAN social impact approach: being impact-led, communication, and embedding impact.

A social enterprise with an impact-led strategy is led by the impact it wants to create. This means being your purpose, rather than having a purpose. Why bother? Many organisations get bogged down in a cycle of continuing to exist. This approach doesn’t always address whether your real mission is being delivered properly, or at all.

When it comes to communicating impact, there are nine essential questions to address – otherwise you risk miscommunication or excluding people. Heidi has great ideas for communication channels and outputs for different stakeholders.

When impact is truly embedded, everyone in your organisation knows what impact you’re trying to create, why you’re measuring it, and is confident about how they contribute to creating it  Heidi talks through the macro and micro elements of this, from culture to everyday actions.

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  • The five stages of Heidi’s LEAN social impact approach are Define, Plan, Measure, Analyse and Learn, and it’s important to progress through each stage before moving to the next.
  • Heidi’s new book, out in Autumn 2020, shares everything she knows about impact measurement and management – and how to implement it in your organisation.
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