Crowdfunding success and getting a product to market – with Tina Chen

Interview podcast - Tina Chen

Tina Chen is the founder and chief tea officer at HumaniTea which sells ready-to-drink cold tea latte drinks made with natural and ethically-sourced ingredients.

HumaniTea is a social enterprise and commits 5% of profits to support wellbeing and sustainability initiatives. Tina was originally inspired by the Taiwanese bubble tea concept and the British tea drinking culture while studying her MBA at Imperial College London.

She tells Heidi about HumaniTea’s journey from idea to brand to a need to rebrand because of trade mark opposition. Then, agains the odds, Tina ran a successful crowdfunding campaign securing over £13,100 from over 100 backers earlier in 2020.

Tina also covers how she’s found suppliers and sourced her ingredients,  HumaniTea’s wellbeing and sustainability fund and getting her products to market. Support from Cambridge Social Ventures and from Heidi herself has been invaluable too and Tina describes why.

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