Alternative ways to scale up without all the stress

Words - What's so damn scary about scaling?It’s a fact that many social entrepreneurs are resistant to scaling.

I get it; scaling is generally seen a “big business” thing. Big business with big bucks.

To the small social enterprise, it stirs up frightening thoughts of taking on more staff, or borrowing more money, and working endless hours with constant stress to make it work, usually for the payoff that by scaling, it means you, yourself have to find more people. Yikes.

Yup, all things considered, I totally get why people see scaling their impact as scary.

But, what if scaling wasn’t just about you, yourself reaching more people?

What if, my friends, you could scale your impact WITHOUT the stress?

I’m a huge fan of scaling impact because, quite simply, it means you’re focussed on maximising your impact, and are one step closer to nailing those SDGs.

So, if it’s not just about you getting to more people yourself, what are the other ways to scale impact, then?

Well, allow me to introduce you to the Fabulous, Stress-Free Four:

1. Increasing the depth of impact you have on a small number of people.

2. Improving and implementing efficiencies, as well as using more streamlined tech that increases your impact with existing clients

3. Sharing your skills and knowledge with other organisations, so they can replicate your incredible impact in their communities

4. Partner up, or do a joint venture with other organisations that complement your services, thus maximising impact.

All of the above are ways in which I’ve helped social enterprises scale their impact without stress, and all of them have had a positive effect.

If you’re honest with yourself, had you ever considered one of these four as a viable method to scale?

Now you’re aware of them, has it made you a bit more interested in choosing one to work on for your organisation – if so, which one?

Tell me in the comments.

Or, if you’d like me to identify which ones would be best for your organisation. Book an impact check in (Click Here) – 1 hour for £150 +VAT