How to support young people’s mental health – with Denise Brown

Interview - Denise Brown - interview

Denise Brown launched 4YoungMinds in October 2018. Over several years as a youth worker for The Princes Trust she had witnessed just how much young people struggle with mental health and well-being, no matter what their background.

How does social media influence young people’s mental health and what are its pros and cons? What positives have come out of Black Lives Matter? And how does her own experience of anxiety help Denise relate to people she now supports?

In this episode, Denise covers why she launched 4YoungMinds, its multiple and varied streams of activities and how it works with young people.

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Denise addresses the distinction between the increase in awareness that people experience issues affecting their mental health and well-being, and the availability of programmes to address mental ill-health and support wellbeing. Early intervention is key, she explains, and 4YoungMinds doesn’t only support young people – it offers support and programmes for teachers, parents, carers and educators too.

And Denise is frank about her own experiences “struggling with anxiety since the age of 14 and learning tools and techniques to manage it.”

The episode also covers self-awareness, “retraining the brain”, the pros and cons of social media, anti-racist education and Denise’s plans for 4YoungMinds for the future.

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