How to define and redefine your impact – with Heidi Fisher

Interview - Heidi Fisher - Impact Diaries interview

What would your ultimate goal be if you were trying to maximise your impact? Would it be different to your current goal?

In The Impact Diaries Heidi gives real-life examples of the five-stage LEAN social impact approach in action.

Its first stage is “define” and in this episode Heidi covers work with a health and social care organisation, three key questions board members can use to be creative about the future, and how the define stage is crucial for boards to identify impact goals, appropriate outcomes and activities.

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    • 0 – 1:00 Introduction.
    • 1:00 Heidi’s role was to work with the Board to develop a three-year strategy, with an outline strategy for 10 years.
    • 2:20 Conflicts often occur in health and social care organisations between meeting numbers rather than achieving impact on people’s lives. How Heidi started to enable this organisation, its CEO and board to address this and move towards an impact-led strategy.
    • 5:59 What if different board members have different ideas of an organisation’s mission?
    • 6:41 How this exercise supports the LEAN Impact approach.
    • 7:12 Three questions Heidi uses to help people think about what their ultimate goal is.
    • 10:15 Did the health and care organisation in this example redefine or reframe their ultimate goal? Why?
    • 11:51 Once you have your ultimate goal what’s next?
    • 13:37 After identifying outcomes, how to identify and map activities.
    • 15:45 The “Define” stage can be hard. Some advice for sole founders.
    • 16:44 What if this stage uncovers difficulties and tensions?
    • 19:00 What happened next with the health and social care organisation?

Divider BarIf there are tensions between what your social enterprise wants to achieve and what it has been commissioned to achieve, you need to listen to this episode.

“Very often boards will be approaching their strategy from the basics of business planning where you start with what you currently do and add to it incrementally. Taking an impact-led approach is very different.”

What next?

  • The five stages of Heidi’s LEAN social impact approach are Define, Plan, Measure, Analyse and Learn.
  • Heidi’s new book, out in Autumn 2020, shares everything she knows about impact measurement and management – and how to implement it in your organisation.
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    Impact First – The Social Entrepreneur’s Guide to Measuring, Managing and Growing Your Impact. Please click here
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