Come on Britain, let’s NOT be a nation of armchair ‘change-makers’…

MAI - Come on Britain...With the impact of C-19 now taking effect, let’s take a look at some facts, shall we…

  • 60 million at risk of extreme poverty
  • Poverty levels globally set to increase for the first time since the 90s
  • 40 million Americans filed for unemployment
  • Billionaires increased their wealth by $637bn – Amazon’s Jeff Bezos +$48.6bn

Any of these bullets stand out to you?

Yes, it’s true Jeff Bezos’ net worth has risen…a lot.

But, what’s also true is that WE have contributed to this. Heck, we’ve practically tipped our wallets straight into his.

Why? Because we haven’t yet normalised celebrating social enterprises, let alone normalised buying from them.

That said, it’s also very true to say that, if we don’t change our habits, we, as socially conscious consumers, (or so we say we’re socially conscious) run the risk of becoming armchair changers; all for saying the right things, but not getting off our backsides to actually do anything about it.

It’s time we start celebrating businesses that have done things for people and the planet by actually buying from them, instead of just those businesses that have grown their shareholder’s wealth.

So, how can we change things?

It’s easy to assume the ‘early adopters’ will go first. Surely there’s a movement happening that will soon become mainstream and that’s when we act…

…er, no.

That type of thinking has got us to where we are, and that type of thinking is sure as hell NOT going to get us to where we should want to go.

Each of us needs to take personal responsibility for the choices we make every day. Where we spend our money, and who benefits from where it’s spent.

We need to share the stories of social entrepreneurs and impact businesses more and more and more, until they literally become the norm.

Until social enterprises spring up on our highstreets and their ads grab our attention in our social feeds, we’re not done.

Are you not just yearning to celebrate wealth of a different kind? You know, wealth that actually gives to others and preserves our world?

Wealth that recognises that your life is enriched by the contribution you make to other peoples’ lives and not by how much money you have in an offshore tax haven?

But, capitalism is all I’ve known. I’m afraid of an alternative…

And therein lies the problem: If we cannot see that the beauty of celebrating and normalising social enterprises works perfectly in a capitalist economy, then we truly are f**ked.

But, I believe you, you who is reading this right now, you know how true that is, and that a world that bolsters businesses who give back as much as they take, is a world that is beneficial for all.

So, I challenge you to commit to just one of these things; two if you’re a serious superstar.

In the name of celebrating and normalising social enterprise:

  1. Share a story of a social entrepreneur that inspires you today – make it part of the norm – and tag me in the post, so I can celebrate with you
  2. Spend £10 more a week with social enterprises – it’s a small commitment, but if we each do it, it’s a significant change locally, nationally and globally

You can search for your nearest social enterprise here:

And THAT, my friend, is how we avoid becoming a nation of armchair changers.

Are you with me?