Embedding music into dementia care plans – with Rosie Mead

Podcast - Rosanna Mead - interview

Music isn’t just a “nice thing to have” – it has become an integral part of many care plans for people living with dementia.

Rosie Mead is the founder and MD of Musica Community Interest Company, a social enterprise which supports the dementia journey through music. It runs music workshops and meaningful music activities, mainly in care homes, and has been running for over a decade.

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Rosie has combined her academic research with her interest in music and dementia into what seems to be a life-calling.

She tells us about why and how she launched Musica and the many immediate and longer-lasting benefits of listening to and interacting with live music for people with dementia, their carers and their families.

She describes how Musica measures its impact too, including through a triangulated observational approach. Plus we learn what a dementia-friendly environment is, and how Musica helps to create it.

Musica’s work is underpinned by extensive research and Rosie describes how she believes more and more care homes will embed music into care plans.

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