So, you think you need to change up your impact.. but how?

So, You Think You Need To Change Up Your ImpactFirst up, if you’re reading this, then you’re one of two people:

You could be the social entrepreneur who just likes reading things social “entrepreneur”, or, you could be the social entrepreneur who, with all the best intentions, realises she needs to change something in her business, as the impact just ain’t where it needs to be.

…and let me tell you, if you’re the latter, then I have your back.

OK then, so, enough of the fluff, let’s put some meat on the bone.

Identifying the need for change comes during the impact measurement and management (IMM) process; it’s where you measure your impact and then continually improve it through careful management…(a lot like the name suggests, funny that).

Now, this is where the impactful stuff comes in…

Because, in the name of the Spice Girls, when you identify what you want, what you really really want to learn about what your impact data is telling you, then that’s where the final two stages of my Lean Social Impact Process takes centre stage: The Analyse & Learn phases.

Here’s a quick reminder of them both:

The Analyse stage is all about asking yourself 4 key questions:

1 What outcomes have you achieved?

2 What outcomes haven’t you achieved?

3 How well are you achieving your ultimate goal?

4 What does this data tell you in general?

From here you can then get an idea of what needs to change, and that’s done, quite simply, by asking yourself another 4 questions, in what I call the ‘Learn’ stage:

1 What can you improve or refine?

2 Are there other outcomes you need to measure?

3 Do you need to measure your outcomes differently?

4 What could be improved to achieve more outcomes?

By focussing on these two areas, you’ll certainly achieve a clearer picture on what, if anything, needs to change to get you closer to that incredible image of impact you wish to see in the world.

Mind boggled, much?

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