Introducing The New (and seriously much) Improved KPIs!

Introducing The New (and seriously much) Improved KPIsOK, so you’ve probably craved a KFC.

And you know DFS do sofas.

You’re fully on board with the SDGs…

…and yet, you totally forego impact KPIs?

May I be blunt? The amount of social enterprises that don’t have impact KPIs is shocking.

Chances are you’ve spent hours, days, weeks, months in management and board meetings discussing KPIs to measure performance, but hello, what about the impact?

Our entire industry is based on the impact we create, therefore it boggles my mind beyond belief that big organisations (and I’m talking BIG organisations) don’t have a system in place to measure impact, you know, to check that what they’re doing is even working.

Right, enough of my little rant, if you’ve identified yourself here, I want to help you.

OK, so typically, KPIs for performance are usually:

Income, profit, employee turnover/sickness, new products/services developed, number of clients… yadda yadda yadda… but where, may I ask is the KPI that measures if you’re actually achieving your purpose?

(Sorry, I did say rant over, let me just adjust back to neutral)

Here are a few things you could set as KPIs for impact based on category:

Client outcomes:

  1. % of clients achieving at least one positive outcome
  2. % of clients dropping out of support/service
  3. % of clients not sustaining a positive outcome for at least one year

Employee outcomes:

  1. % of employees that live locally
  2. % of employees that were previously unemployed
  3. Number of staff obtaining accredited qualifications
  4. Number of staff with positive wellbeing

Environmental outcomes:

  1. % of spend with local suppliers
  2. % of spend with ethical/social enterprise suppliers
  3. Reduction in CO2 emissions versus previous year
  4. Travel/mileage savings through the use of technology
  5. % of waste recycled/reused
  6. % of waste sent to landfill

My goodness, I really could go on, as these impact KPIs relate solely to what your ultimate goal is.

I spend a lot of time with my clients ensuring their KPIs are for the good of their cause and not just for the sake of it – it’s an investment that has proven its worth in leader/staff alignment and positive outcome success tenfold.

If you’d like to speak with me about the current KPIs in your business and perhaps how to introduce some more impact-focussed ones, email me: