Transforming the lives of sick children – with Will Jackson

Interview - Will Jackson - interview

Playphysio has a big, hairy and audacious goal: to reduce the cost of care by £20m per year for children with cystic fybrosis.

Founder Will Jackson is my guest for episode one of the Make An Impact podcast.

Will explains how Playphysio, a community interest company, is using technology to make a real impact on the lives and health of children with cystic fybrosis as well as making huge savings for the National Health Service (NHS).

Playphysio develops software and electronic monitors to monitor physiotherapy treatment for chronically sick children – enabling them to become “players not patients.”

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Will covers:

  • His and his daughter’s daily struggle managing her original treatment, which inspired family arguments and led Will to realise thousands of families experience the same frustrations
  • Why he launched Playphysio as a community interest company and became an accidental social entrepreneur
  • Getting a place on the Cambridge Social Ventures programme
  • Transferable skills from his previous careers as a product designer and running a web development company.
  • The development path, integrating software with hardware and gaining regulatory approvals
  • How the app reduces the number of times a nurse has to visit their patients and increases children’s happiness at appointments
  • Collecting data demonstrating improvements in patients’ medical conditions and the potential to reduce the cost of care by £20 million
  • The customisable format of the app format means in the future it could be used for other medical conditions and types of treatment
  • Social investment: Playphysio secured a loan from Foundation East, unlocking a further grant and enabling continued development
  • Will’s biggest lesson (so far) and how to contact him and Playphysio

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