From kitchen table to saving 7M pieces of plastic – with Kath Austin

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Kath Austin is the founder of BeeBee Wraps, creator of reusable natural food wraps made from organic cotton and beeswax.

Plastic-free and compostable, BeeBee Wraps are now stocked in hundreds of stores and sell in their thousands online.

Kath started making BeeBee Wraps herself when she wanted to find alternatives to single-use plastics including cling-film. Friends wanted to use the wraps themselves and encouraged Kath to launch a business.

Two and a half years later BeeBee Wraps have saved over 7.3 million pieces of plastic from being used and potentially sent to landfill or ending up in the sea. How does BeeBee Wraps measure this impact? Listen to the podcast, below, to find out.

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In the conversation Kath also talks about:

  • Starting the business as part of a social venture incubation programme, Cambridge Social Ventures
  • How the business has grown
  • Collaborations including with Sky Ocean Rescue and celebrities including Cara Delevingne
  • Working with partners such as Abel and Cole and The Woodland Trust
  • How BeeBee Wraps measure its environmental impact
  • The massive cumulative effect of many micro-impacts
  • What stimulates behaviour change
  • How BeeBee Wraps are made
  • BeeBee Wraps’ plans for the future, and more

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