Do you know what the 17 Global Goals are?

Global Goals

As a social entrepreneur, you’re definitely au fait with the odd acronym or two.

CSR, ROI, NFP – the list goes on…

But, are you aware of arguably the most important: SDGs?

SDGs are Sustainable Development Goals, aka, ‘Global Goals’.

In 2015, world leaders looked at the biggest threats to our existence and decided upon 17 goals for a better world by 2030, and it’s these goals, these SDGs that, as a social entrepreneur, we should know and act upon in alignment with our own social missions.

After all, 97% of businesses globally are SMEs, so, it’s obvious that we’re the ones who, if we take the SDGs to heart, will have the biggest impact on bringing them to fruition.

So, here’s a run-down of the 17 Global Goals. As you go down the list, see whether your own mission matches up to one or more of the SDGs…

1 No poverty


10 Reduced Inequalities


2 Zero hunger


11 Sustainable cities and communities


3 Good health and wellbeing


12 Responsible consumption and production


4 Quality education


13 Climate action


5 Gender equality


14 Life below water


6 Clean water and sanitation


15 Life on land


7 Affordable and clean energy


16 Peace, justice and strong institutions


8 Decent work and economic growth


17 Partnerships for the goals


9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure


OK, so now you know what the SDGs are, it would be a good time to revisit the ultimate mission of your social enterprise and see if it links into any of the above…chances are, it will!  Then you can delve a bit deeper to look at specific goals and see what the global targets are – and how you can have an impact on achieving that goal.

Knowing this will help you develop products and services that meet the targets within the goals, as well as seek out available funding, support and guidance from your local council or even central government, for example, most areas have up to £20,000 of EU funding for supporting people in to employment or training which meets several of the goals.  It will also give you a good fodder to talk about within PR and marketing opportunities.

Ultimately, the SDGs are there as a guideline for change makers and the rest of the world to know what needs to be done in order bring about the best for our planet and our people, but you and I both know that a ‘guideline’ isn’t enough – we need action.

If you’re passionate about your social enterprise’s mission and would like to know how it fits into the 17 Global Goals, plus advice on how to measure and report on it, then I would be delighted to talk with you.

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