Video : What is social procurement?

You asked, so I’ll answer – What is social procurement?

Social procurement – which is sometimes called social purchasing – is a way for businesses, public sector bodies and Housing Associations to buy more wisely. It helps to generate social value beyond the goods or services they require.

It encourages businesses to buy from organisations that will have a wider benefit on people, the environment or the community.

This could mean buying from social enterprises that use their income for positive social or environmental impact.

Social procurement involves deciding what kinds of additional value you want suppliers to provide and asking for that as part of the contract.

The best social procurement frameworks are clear about:

  • what impact the business wants to have
  • asks suppliers to deliver specific things
  • scores this element of the tender in a meaningful way (so more than 1-2% of the scoring)
  • monitors progress against the impact targets to make sure they are delivered