Where can I advertise Board and Trustee roles?

Image - Where can I advertise Board and trustee roles?You asked, so I’ll answer – Where can I advertise Board and Trustee roles?

People often ask about where they can get trustees or Board members from and where they can advertise these roles without paying high fees.

These are some of the options:

Changemaker Jobs never charge a posting fee – just a £60 (including VAT) “success fee” when the job is filled via them (think – no win no fee).

If you are a;

  • registered charity
  • small voluntary organisation (unincorporated)
  • credit union
  • community benefit society

With an income of less than £1 million its free to advertise trustee roles.

If you are a;

  • community interest company
  • social enterprise
  • co-operative society
  • registered society or industrial or provident society
  • public sector body such as: a government agency, government department, non-departmental public
  • body/agency, school, college or university

With an income of less than £1 million its £150 + VAT to advertise these roles.

This organisation places individuals into non profit board roles. This includes Trustees, Chairs, Committee & Advisory Board Members, and Social Enterprise Boards.

They work with the individuals over a 12 month period to prepare, place and support them in their non profit board role. They also match individuals for short term assignments to help to innovate, mentor or assist on a specific technical project. Opportunities focus on key areas including;

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Human capital
  • Financial sustainability
  • Operations management
  • Impact assessment

Charities tend to be luckier – as they are able to register vacancies for trustees for free on several sites including:

www.barinthecommunity.org.uk – for legal professionals to act as trustees
www.icaewvolunteers.com – for advertising trustee roles for Chartered Accountants – the site is free to use by all not for profit organisations

www.socialenterprise.org.uk – SEUK charge a fee for advertising jobs and Board positions if you have the free membership, otherwise if you have an income over £100,000 and paid £75 to become a member, it is then free to advertise roles.

LinkedIn – either via groups or by sending messages to individuals that fit the criteria/have the skills you are looking for, or posting something to your network.

Facebook groups – probably best to share the role in groups that have the right skill set – so a group for lawyers if you are looking for someone with a legal background.