WOW Blogs: Issue 14 – Jessica Robinson

Jessica RobinsonJessica Robinson
Moxie Future

Jessica Robinson is the Founder and Managing Director of Moxie Future – the world’s first education, insights and community platform empowering women as responsible and impact investors. She also works as a strategic advisor to institutional investors, think tanks and governments on all things relating to green finance, sustainability and responsible investment.

Jessica has an extensive background in professional services and business consulting, focusing on financial services, environmental finance and sustainability industries. She frequently contributes articles, authors reports and speaks at conferences on issues including green financing, financial market developments, climate finance policy and broader sustainable finance issues.

She holds an MSc in Applied Environmental Economics from the University of London, an MSc in Politics from the London School of Economics and a BA in Economics from the University of Manchester, UK. She also holds a Professional Diploma in Financial Management from the ACCA and the FT Post-Graduate Diploma for Non-Executive Directors.

What do you love most about the work you do?
I desperately want to be part of a fairer, kinder, cleaner and more sustainable world. And so I am throwing all of my talents, my smarts and my energy at that end goal … in my small and very limited way, I really hope I can do something constructive to get us there, be part of something bigger.

Who inspires you?
Pretty much every woman I meet who keeps powering along regardless. Those amazing women who wake up at the crack of dawn, think about the multitude of things they need to do in the next half hour, manage the emotions of several other people, pull together amazing things … and that’s before they have even left their home! I wish we could recognize these women more often. Because it’s also incredibly lonely for many of us.

What would be your 3 top tips to someone looking to do what you do?
1) Be humble, be open and listen.

2) Try as hard as you can to quieten that negative voice in your own head.

3) Sustainable and responsible investing is a rapidly evolving field – be one of those leaders!

What is your biggest achievement to date?
I am really proud that I took the leap and decided to set up Moxie Future. I left the relative security and comfort of working for large organizations to go it alone – and when I take a moment, I am proud that I had the courage. That said – we are only at the very, very beginning and still have many miles to go. So I am also very aware that the achievement is small and far from concluded!

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