Social Impact Measurement

Blurred rail-guardI often get asked what I am doing these days, so I thought I would share some details of what I am up to. My days are mainly about social impact measurement and social return on investment (SROI).

I am working with 10 organisations at the moment to help them generate more income by showing the true value of the services they deliver to society.

Recently I have worked with Central England Co-operative and you can read about the work here and also my 9 step guide to SROI as well.  I’ve also published a blog for Stepping Out with some tips and quick wins around social impact measurement.  These articles are great if you want to start doing something to showcase the impact you have.

I’ve just partnered with Sinzer to enable organisations to have an automated online system for doing their impact measurement. I am currently working on a new service using the Sinzer software that will help you by saving you time as well as making the process of impact measurement simple and easy to do – which is one of the biggest reasons organisations don’t start collecting data and measuring their impact.  If you want to hear about this first then please join my Facebook group – Social enterprise success.

Finally I am running a workshop at Social Value Matters in Istanbul in April – which is a two-day conference about social value. More details are available here if you would like to attend.