Social Enterprise Book

Book - Social EnterpriseMy book on social enterprise has got some great reviews so I’ve decided to launch a paperback version as well as the existing e-book version.  Both are available from Amazon.

Don’t forget 50% of the profits from book sales go to the Lewis Enterprise Foundation to help 100,000 children out of poverty around the world.

Here’s what Jo-Anne from Sociability Care had to say about the book:

“This book has been exactly what I needed to grow my social enterprise. It contains so much useful and interesting information in easy to understand chapters. I have bought a number of books that I thought would help me create and grow my social enterprise only to be disappointed.

I have found them difficult to understand and I quickly lost interest, However this book is completely different. I read it within a week and regularly go back to different chapters to help me at certain parts of my journey. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone looking to start or grow their social enterprise.”

If you would like a copy it’s available from amazon as an e-book and now also as a paperback – just click here.