Why your business growth has stalled

Business Graph And Laptop2 - Image Credit renjith krishnan at www.FreeDigitalPhotos.netYour business has stopped growing. Now let’s be honest here. There could be a million external reasons for this – the economy isn’t doing well, customers are buying at the moment, no-one wants what you are selling, there’s more competition from cheaper alternatives, your business is running at maximum capacity etc.

I could go on with this list, but one thing is clear – you have bought into a reason for your business not growing.

The problem with this, and it is a problem, is that none of these reasons are real. Yes, the economy may not be doing well but how does that explain why some businesses are continuing to grow anyway? It can’t be down to luck, and it isn’t – it’s a result of your personal beliefs about your business, how successful it can be and your money ceiling – which is how much money you are comfortable earning and this puts a limit on the size your business can grow to.

Other key beliefs that affect your business growth include having to work hard to make money and life having to be a struggle.

Whatever the external problem with your business, it is most definitely a consequence of your beliefs. Most business owners want a quick fix solution to their stalled growth, and that can be done but if you want to make more money from your business without working harder then invest in changing your beliefs and clearing your money blocks.