Are you limiting your potential with your beliefs?

Woman solving a problem2a - Image Credit Free Range Stock - Jack MorehThree years ago I decided to learn theta healing after feeling that my life was stuck and I wasn’t achieving what I desired. Theta healing is a technique which enables you to identify the subconscious beliefs and programmes you are running that rule the way you live, because over 80% of your thinking is subconscious.

So, without accessing your subconscious beliefs you only have a 20% chance of change – and that will only happen if you are strong and can control your conscious thoughts. It’s not easy to control your thoughts because your mind wanders, one minute you are thinking about work the next you are thinking about how tired you are. With theta healing you can access the 80% so you have a much greater chance of success if you are trying to change your mindset.

I knew I had lots of beliefs that were limiting my progress to be successful in business. One of these beliefs was rich people are nasty. So imagine how much my subconscious was fighting against my goal of being financially abundant? Another belief I had, which I had inherited, was that I couldn’t earn more than my parents – so again I was battling against another belief.

I am sure you can remember phrases or things your parents or grandparents used to say when you were growing up, things like money doesn’t grow on trees, we can’t afford that, you have to work hard, you need to find yourself a good job, you can either have a family or a career, who do they think they are just because they’ve got a bit of money. It’s amazing how these phrases become beliefs that we then use to run our lives by. Sometimes you will find you have beliefs that are not very pleasant, but there’s no need to blame yourself – a belief is just a belief and it can be changed.

The final belief I had, which was a biggie, was that I had to choose between business success and a family – but logically without business success I would not be able to support a family! This belief was what is called the bottom belief, if you imagine your beliefs are a brick wall you really want to pull out the brick at the base so the wall collapses rather than a brick higher up as you would still have some remaining limiting beliefs.

A lot of the women I work with have similar beliefs about having to choose between different aspects of their lives, family, health, friends, career/business. But once that belief is changed you can have it all.

When the bottom belief is identified and removed it is amazing how quickly and radically your life changes. For me once I had completed this belief work, and no longer believed I had to choose between business success and a family, I started to grow my business effortlessly, I was working fewer hours and achieving more, and I had my son.

The good news is that you don’t need to learn theta healing to identify your limiting beliefs. You can access the knowledge, experience and expertise I have of removing limiting beliefs instead.