Changing Your Money Beliefs

Business Growth (Copy)I offer one hour sessions via Skype for individuals to look at the beliefs and barriers that are blocking money, abundance and success from coming in to your life.

Beliefs typically come from four different levels:

Core level – these are the beliefs that we have learnt in this lifetime. Usually these are in place by the time we are 7 years old.

Genetic level – these are the beliefs we have inherited from our family and ancestors. Research has shown that beliefs can be passed down and stored in physical DNA.

History level – these are beliefs that are from the collective consciousness and history of our race, country, gender and ethnicity.

Soul level – these are beliefs that are deeply held over many lifetimes.

Once you identify the beliefs you hold, which may be on one or more of the four levels, they can then be removed. As beliefs are subconscious it is difficult to be aware of the programmes that you are operating on a daily basis. Approximately 10-15% of our thinking is conscious and the rest is subconscious.

Through the sessions I run, I am able to tap in to your subconscious and clear any negative beliefs and programmes, and replace them with beliefs that support you to achieve business success, abundance, wealth and more money.

Imagine a brick wall, where your beliefs are stacked up on top of each other. Through the session I work to find the bottom belief so the whole wall falls down, rather than just removing one of the beliefs at the top.

The work I do is based on Theta Healing which I am trained in, and has shown amazing, instant results for the clients I work with.